Fòcas Creative Director Arpita Shah interviews Fòcas India shortlisted artist Azra Sadr, a freelance photographer based in Delhi, about his project Something Odd, and his developing interest in documentary practice.

© Azra Sadr

 F: Azra, Something Odd is a series of unexpected coincidences in the world around you. How did the project develop?

 A: It started out as a simple idea to find things that seem out of place with respect to their surroundings. I wanted to capture odd details that exist around us, most of which we are oblivious to. As I photographed them, I started relating some images to others taken during the project. It then hit me that these oddities repeat themselves in different situations and places. With this realisation, my project developed into capturing these unexpected coincidences and connecting them to create “Something Odd.”

 F: You have an eye for putting these coincidences together to make something new. Does your commercial practice – you’re an accomplished food photographer – help you see in this way?

 A: I feel it’s a combination of my commercial practice as well as my personal journey with photography, which translates into my photographs. As a photographer, I enjoy exploring and paying attention to detail. It is sometimes a challenge to create something new within the commercial realm. I have understood over the years that as crucial as it is to put yourself in each project that you take on, it’s also important to work together with the team and the client and bring in a part of everyone’s ideas. I find this pushes me to try new things and inspires me to look at things with a different viewpoint.

© Azra Sadr

 F: You’re pursuing an interest in documentary practice at the moment. Do you find your work is changing now? Do you see differently in any way?    

 A: I think photography for me has always been about creating and telling stories. I am not sure that I started seeing differently, as I have always looked at things more or less in the same way that I did when I started creating visually, but I can see my work taking different forms with time. The key or the basic feeling remains the same but what has changed is that I have become more accepting of other ways and inspired by the many different ideas that are executed beautifully in the world of photography.

© Azra Sadr


Azra is a Delhi-based photographer who is currently a member of the Shri Aurobindo society for arts. With a background in History from Delhi University, Azra discovered his passion for photography when he went on to study design and art in Srishti school of art, design and technology in Bangalore.